Welcome to IPR Training Activity Database

Welcome to the Global Intellectual Property Education Database (USIPR), maintained by agencies of the United States government that provide training and technical assistance relating to protecting intellectual property rights (IPR). The database is a tool designed to promote collaboration for greater consistency and to avoid duplication in domestic and international programming. These shared goals and others are included in the U.S. Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement FY2017-2019.

Agency Registration

If you are a U.S. Government official responsible for managing the delivery of IPR training, register now to become part of a global organization to bring together in one database all of the efforts in training and education for protecting Intellectual Property Rights. You will need to be part of a United States government agency to register activities on this site.


If you are a participant in a U.S. government-provided IPR training, please provide feedback on your experience through the survey tool.